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A new beginning


It’s about time. After several months and a devastating storm, MAG met again to do some catching up with everyone. Although we have projects of our own, it’s always exciting to see each other and hear about upcoming projects and plans. Busy times ahead!

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Gallery hopping

The work does not end after the show. Closing is in itself a new beginning.

A small group of Rurokians explored the Pasong Tamo galleries on a Wednesday afternoon and found the trip very rewarding.

An overnight session is in Batangas is being planned. Watch this space.

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RUROK in photos

Panoramic view here (scroll to the right).

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RUROK on the web


BusinessWorld Weekender February 27 and Arts & Culture March 4

Philippine Star Gallery News March 2


King Palito March 2

Em Dy March 15


PinoyCentric March 10

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Takatak by Renato Habulan


An exploration of different materials and techniques of Renato Habulan at Britania Art Projects, Tesoro Corner Complex, 14 New York Ave. cor. Sgt. Catolos St., Cubao, Quezon City. Artist reception on March 14 at 6pm; runs until April 2. Call 414-7440 or 367-6373.

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10th meeting

An afternoon at Starbucks spent discussing the pros and cons of professional exhibition management versus personal management by artists. To quote Tess: “No matter what decision we make in the future it is always important to work with a checklist of duties and the assignments and deadline dates.” Well said.

More notes from the regular email blast:

There will be no closing party. Instead all will proceed to Mang Ato’s opening at the Britania Art Projects gallery on March 14 at 6 pm.

Egress on Sunday morning, 15 March.

Let’s meet in April and May for outdoor painting and discussions on future shows. Check your emails regularly for announcements.

Congratulations to all for work very well done!

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Opening reception


Ribbon cutting: takes one and two


Thank you to all who came to our opening!

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You are invited…

an exhibit by the Makati Artists Guild
opens February 27, 2009
runs until March 15, 2009

Featuring the works of Rubee Alcantara, Fanny Blanco, Mel Cabriana, Thomas Daquioag, Lita Gelano, Teresita Mapua, Obi Mapua, Hadrian Mendoza, Helen Mirasol, Peter Sutcliffe, Stella Torres, Aina Valencia, Abby Yao, and Molly Yap

Curated by Renato Habulan

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First firing

Long (dragon) gama, the biggest anagama kiln in the country, breathes fire at long last! Congratulations to Allison and special thanks to Adee for overseeing the firing.

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Roberto Acosta and Katti Sta. Ana exhibit at Britania Art Projects

Rurokians met with the Britania team to submit works and photos, discuss pricing, and distribute invitations.

Reminders from Tess:

All Rurokians, do pop in SM on the 25th and 26th to help out with what is needed. Bring one or two bottles of wine, red and white on the 27th. On that day, kindly be there at 5 pm to handle last minute details.

We’ve made the big hurdle thanks to your handling of major commitments and your passion, so let’s continue as there is still work to be done.

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Ninth meeting


A nice sunny day for a group shot taken by Mang Ato.

Critiquing, collecting and reminding. Crunch time!

Upcoming events

February 13, 2 pm next meeting at BAP

February 25, 10 am start of the RUROK gallery preparations at Art Center

February 26, 10 am ingress at Art Center

February 27, 5:30 pm call time for opening at Art Center

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Eighth meeting

Critique is a vital part of the process. It took a full afternoon to get nine sets of work out.


Tess, her works and her audience

Thanks to Allison for lunch and for welcoming a dozen people of us into her home.

Upcoming MAG activities

ASAP      Submit CV, Artist’s Statement and description of work to Peter

January 30 Deadline of submission of photos to Thom

February 2 Next meeting at MPC

February 13 Submission of artworks and requirements, Meeting at BAP

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December 12 session

It was Friday, rainy as these Makiling trips go. It was also the day of the rally and we all sat through more traffic than usual. There was something new at every turn: Allison’s toolshed, Debbie’s work, the silence of Sangviaje. Though the latecomers were less productive than in previous sessions, the important thing was to get down to business.

The next meeting will be on January 5.

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Seventh meeting (General Assembly)

With near-perfect attendance, the seventh meeting at the MPC was good. After merienda (courtesy of Lita), Mang Ato critiqued the pieces. Time to start on the big paintings!

There will be another on-the-spot session next Friday, this time with other artists.

Upcoming MAG activities:

December 12 Outdoor painting session in Makiling-hosted by Allison

January 5 Eighth RUROK meeting at the Polo Club, 4pm

February 27 Rurok opening

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November 20 session

Another productive indoor painting session. At the rate we’re going, we can have an exhibit of Makiling-made works next year.

The big (RUROK) news of the day: we have a date for the Art Center.

Posted by: makatiartistsguild | November 11, 2008

Sixth meeting

The Cogon Village was quiet, except for the long MAG table. Allison showed us her elegant minimalist website, which is now online, though still under construction. Mang Ato critiqued the works presented. Obi and Abby (as Exhibit Manager and Assistant Exhibit Manager, respectively) will work with Mang Ato to confirm the Art Center reservation.

Upcoming MAG activities:

November 20 Still life/outdoor painting session in Makiling-hosted by Allison

December 1 General RUROK meeting and Christmas party at Manila Polo Club, 4pm-attendance essential

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More photos from the October 23 session

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Kagampan redux

Adi in action
Adi in action

En plein air, the announcement said. But we were actually indoors.

Trooping to Makiling on a humid day (66% according to the digital clock, but maybe more), MAG had an on-the-spot session with the lovely sculptor Kim (in her third trimester) as our model. The afternoon ended with works in pencil, watercolor, oil and clay. Rain sent us scampering away after inspecting the soon-to-rise studio, but we will be back. Count on it.

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Touching the Sunlight

Until mid-January 2009 at the Old Library, Metropolitan Museum of Manila


Allison Wong-David * Renato Habulan * Mr. & Mrs. Octavio Gonzalez

Ronel Britania * Fred Liongoren


Pamela Baluntia * Rosalie Bayos * Eldred John Cabase * Nicole Caliwag * Carl Lorania * Zedrick Jon Mariano * Andrei Jacob Motol * Kriss Jeffrey Ricio * Richard San Vicente * Ma. Ellaine Yatco


Daniel Aligain * John Paul Antido * Rolando Bayla * Mhel Cabriana * Thomas Daquioag * Guerrero Habulan * Tess Mapua * Helen Mirasol * Jaypee Samson * Jerson Samson * Rosevie Sevilla * Abby Yao

Parents and caregivers of the children-artists

Maraming salamat!

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Fifth meeting

In a nutshell:

With the volatile economy, the world is changing at an accelerating pace and affecting all markets. As mall galleries are closing down, it seems that museums are the best art exhibition venues.

Websites are now indispensable for artists not only as promotional tools but also as educational materials to aid in the study of artworks in the context of the global art scene.

The next meeting will be on November 3rd.

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